5 of Our Favourite Countour Drawing A Day Collections

Just a handful of wonderful results from our week-long drawing challenge.


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From Monday to Saturday last week, we challenged you to do a drawing a day, inspired by the radical art teaching of Corita Kent. We set a subject each morning - all you had to do was draw it without looking down.

Hundreds of you shared your contour drawings each day on Twitter and Instagram and we loved looking through each and every one! It was very difficult indeed, but we've chosen just 5 of our favourites to share here. To see many more fabulous drawings, head over to our Instagram Stories Highlights from each day of the challenge.

1. Cherrie Trelogan

2. Sam Johnson-Clubb 

3. Ciara Quilty-Harper

4. Rachael Dunstan

5. Cami Burn

Thanks again to everyone who took part!