Here's What You Could Do On Our Graphic Novel Course

Have a look at the work created by past students.


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How do you create a page-turning graphic novel? For starters, you’re going to need rounded characters, believable storylines and carefully composed comic page layouts – all things that you’ll cover on our Graphic Novel Your Life summer school with Rachael Ball.

See how students on Rachael’s last course created all those essential graphic novel components, and get a sense of what you could do if you join us for the next one this summer.

Click on the images below to enlarge them, then use the arrows to navigate.

Rounded characters

Does your protagonist pause before opening a door? How long are their earlobes? These are details that make a character feel real.

People in motion

You need your characters to be recognisable whether they're frowning or smiling, sitting or standing.

Intriguing plot points

Each of these snapshots sparks a whole bunch of questions about what's happened before and what will happen next – the definition of 'page-turning'.

Visual metaphor

Take advantage of your graphic novel's potent combination of words and pictures.

Well-paced storyboards

Planning out where everything goes.

Final page layouts

Putting it all together on the page is the penultimate step. One page down, rest of the graphic novel to go!

Want to make your own graphic novel? Check out our in-person Graphic Novel Your Life summer course and find out more at our Q&A with course tutor Rachael Ball.