Meet the Creatures in the Museum of the Imagination

A few of the amazing creatures in the Museum's exhibits, designed by Year 4 students at Carlton Primary.


  • Learning

Meet some of the amazing creatures in The Museum of the Imagination and the 8 and 9 year olds that created them.

Intrigued? Find out more about how the museum was built from illustrator-educator Mark Oliver.

Stories & Memories

Mr Memories Head is a collector who picks up people’s lost memories.” Joe

Hopes & Wishes

Omega is a fusion of two gemstone. They can tell your future and read your wishes.” Jayden


Milou Wi Cono is a mysterious creature who can walk around on its antennae, slide around like a slug, and even read your dreams.” Mizan

Dr Octopus might look friendly but his long tentacles can send you to sleep and give you some strange dreams...” Marlon


MoMo flies around the museum so look out in case they poo on you!” Alfie

Creation & Invention

Miss Time repairs broken things or uses them to make new things. But don't be late, she always has an eye on the time...” Nada

Visit the Museum of the Imagination and find out how it was built.

The Museum of the Imagination will be available to view in libraries across Camden. Camden Alive was made possible by the generous support of the Mayor of London’s Culture Fund.

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