The House of Illustration Drawing a Day Challenge

This September we’re challenging you to do a drawing every day. The twist? They have to be just one inch big.


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**Update: John Vernon Lord to judge the Drawing a Day Challenge!**

The challenge:

The game is inspired by John Vernon Lord who, in 2016, did a drawing for every single day of the year. Each one is just one-inch squared and made with pen and ink on paper. 

"Every day of 2016 I would do a drawing of something that occurred to me on the spur of the moment. The exercise was done for the fun of drawing - the liberation of drawing 'for the sake of it' is always something of a relief compared to the exacting challenge of illustrating professionally."

His 366 miniature drawings are currently on show in John Vernon Lord: Illustrating Carroll and Joyce

How to play:

  • Your drawings can be of anything and created with anything - and they do not have to be in black and white. But remember, they can be no more than one inch by one inch in size! This refers to when you draw them. You'll want your photos or scans to be a standard resolution (e.g. use Instagram's 1080x1080 pixels) so that we can repost without them looking super tiny. Feel free to include white space around your drawings, or even a little object, if you want to keep that sense of scale.
  • Tweet or Instagram one drawing, every day in September. 
  • Share your drawings with us using the hashtags #JohnVernonLord #DrawingaDay and tagging us: @illustrationhq.
  • At the end of September, send all 30 of your drawings formatted as a single JPG (like John Vernon Lord's below) to for us to publish as an online gallery on our blog. Deadline: 5pm Monday 1 October.  Max file size: 1MB.

The prizes:

  • We will be sharing our favourite miniature drawings on Twitter, the blog and Instagram stories throughout September, tagging you.
  • Everyone who completes the challenge will win a pair of exhibition tickets and get to see their work up on our website. 
  • One lucky winner will also get a copy of the catalogue that accompanies our exhibition and a year's membership to House of Illustration (giving you unlimited free exhibition entry, free tickets to selected events and private view invitations). Plus, two runners-up will each recieve an exhibition catalogue and a John Vernon Lord tea towel.