YiMiao Shih: Chronicle of a Pre-Brexit Winter

Meet YiMiao Shih, our fifth Illustrator in Residence, who wants to hear from you! She takes over our Instagram account this week to tell us about her project and to find out: ʻWhat is Brexit to you?ʼ She explains…


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In his 1961 documentary Chronicle of a Summer, Jean Rouch appointed two girls with a microphone to go to the street asking people the simple question: Are you happy?

The result is an amazing combination of interviewees as subject matter, with a reality exposed by the camera that goes beyond what they have to say.


Inspired by this French documentary style, cinéma vérité, I will be collecting responses to the above question. For my residency project, Illustration as ‘Epic’, I’ll be making a contemporary visual poem about the social climate of today’s Britain, include real voices in my work through the process of interviewing people.

Instead of going out and about and interviewing people on the street, I consider an up-to-date way of conducting the interview. In the 1960s, Jean Rouch sent two subjects on the street hunting for answers. Today, I will send my subjects online, using House of Illustration’s social media platform to ask the gallery’s audience: What is Brexit to you?

Tell me what you think about Brexit! Find me on Twitter or Instagram (@yimiaoshih) or email yimiao.shih@gmail.com.

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