House of Illustration Fair: Summer 2019

List of past exhibitors.

Adi Hollander Limited-edition, hand-printed screenprints, etchings and artists books.
Aleesha Nandhra Illustration
Alternative Aesthetics

Black and white clothing, accessories, homeware and art prints.

Amelia Illustration Illustration 
Arthur Vergani Screenprints, risograph prints and more.
Aurore Swithenbank Illustration 
Bethan Woollvin Illustration Illustration 
Bethany Wheeler Illustration A selection of products featuring a range of quirky characters. 
Bia Melo Small press books and prints, sometimes with the cute capybara Kapy.
Cathryn Kuhfeld Fine Art Illustration 
Celine Lee Illustration 
Cha com letras ltd t/a James Barker Illustration 
Chisato Tamabayashi Illustration 
Christopher Gee Illustration
Clare Thornthwaite Illustration 
Daisy Loveday Illustration 
Dan Berry Illustration 
Dan Evans Illustration 
Dana Riesgo Plush toys, ceramic and prints about grumpy cats and their cute friends.
Darya Shnykina Signed, limited-edition prints, postcards and handcrafted sketchbooks.
Design For Today Illustration 
Dobrovolska Art Illustrated children's books, calendars, mugs, pins, stickers and mirrors.
Dowon Kwon Illustration 
El Davo Illustration 
Elenagno Posters, postcards, T-shirts, big and small cases, stickers and pins.
Emma Levey Illustration Illustration 
Esther Coombs Illustration Children’s non-fiction, prints, drawings, unique commissions and book experiments.
Factory Press Illustration 
Family Scribbles Illustration 
Federica Bentivegna Stickers, postcards, artprint, badges and zines of illustrations.
Flora Caulton Illustration 
Francesca Tiley Illustration 
Francesca Williams Illustration Illustration 
Grace Attlee Illustration 
Harry Woodgate Illustration Illustration 
Hatchling Makes Brightly coloured animal and nature illustrations.
Hello Grimes Illustration 

Day-glo animal-themed alphabet and illustrated treats.

Ian Pinder Illustration 
Ilaria Antolini Illustration
Illustrationsmith Ltd Illustration 
InkedPaws A collection of art inspired by Japan and cute things.
Inkpot & Pen Illustration 
Jack Oliver Coles Original illustrations, prints, and zines all made using colour pencil.
James Albon Original graphic novels, comics and prints, large and small.
James Brown Illustration 
James Oses Limited edition prints and more featuring watercolour reportage of London.
James Weston Lewis Illustration Illustration 
Jane Porter Limited edition screenprints, drawings, greetings cards, comics and books.
Jazwork Illustration 
Jessica Bennett Illustration 
Jessica Courtney-Tickle Prints, posters, postcards, greeting cards and children's picture books.
Jo Spooner Illustration
John Molesworth Illustration 
John Riordan Illustration 
Jolly Creative Workshop Illustration 
Jonathan Edwards Illustration 
Jonathan Emmerson Limited-edition linocuts and woodcuts, hand-printed cards and cushion covers.
Kaho Kojima Screenprints, pop-up books and cards and shopping totes.
Kathryn Martin Illustration Fun, colourful, digital risographs and illustrated prints.
Kevin Fitzgerald Original brush and ink drawings with selected prints.
Klara Smith Illustration 
Laura Girling Illustration Illustration 
Laura Parker

Nature illustration, hand-painted pots, original paper art, postcards and prints.

Lauren J Downing Illustration 
Lisa Mellows Illustration Colourful African-inspired illustrated prints and cards.
Louise Slater Cards & Prints Colour reduction linocut prints and designs inspired by birds.
Louise Warwick Illustration Nature-inspired collage illustrations on cards, prints, mugs and more.
Løvlie Illustration Illustrated books, cards, prints and hand-painted lapel pins.
Lucy Noakes Illustration
Marina Evlanova

Colourful mixed-media illustrations and experimental graphic novels.

Marta Cubeddu Giclèe prints and various gadgets.
Martin Le Lapin Illustration 
Mel Smith Designs Travel-themed gifts and bespoke projects.
Melissa Castrillon Illustration 
Miriam Luehrs

Ceramic pins, ceramic ornaments, screenprinted t-shirts, zines and prints.

Miss Ella Illustration 
Momoko Abe Illustration Children's book-inspired badges, cards, recipes and giclee prints.
Morgan Dowdall Illustration 
Mori Tori Ltd Illustration 
Nana Prints, zines and crafts.
Natsko Seki Illustration 
Nicola Kinnear Illustration Illustration 
Ollie St Clair Terry A selection of hand-printed shirts, tote-bags and prints.
Olya Osipova Illustration 
Owl & Dog Playbooks Books to play and toys to read.
Paperself Illustration
Paul Shinn Draws Comics, zines, prints, postcards, badges, mugs and more. 
Paula & the Pencils Illustration 
Peerless Flamingo Children's prints and feel-good products.
Pop Press Hand-printed, foot-powered, illustrated goods made using antique letterpress machines.
Q&Q Drawings Illustration 
Qian Shi Stationary, prints and picturebooks.
Rachel Bone Illustration 
Rebsville Illustration 
Red Faces Prints Limited-edition graphic-style silkscreen prints of local London views.
Red Gate Arts

Illustrated prints, greetings cards, notebooks and tea towels.

Robert Frank Hunter Illustration 
RossJDesigns Greeting cards and prints.
Roxy Leaver Illustration
Sagui Illustration 
Sahar Haghgoo Illustration 
Sajan Rai Illustration 
Sara Harrington Illustration Punk rock, nerd-infused prints, badges, shirts and hand-painted skate decks.
Sarah Lodge Limited-edition screenprints, drawings, greetings cards comics and books.
Sarah Vines Illustration 
Sato Hisao Paper-craft figures, vehicles and DIY paper puppet books.
Scout Editions Illustration
Sharon King-Chai Prints, books and cards.
Silvi Debernardi Art Illustrations and shadow boxes of London canals and the Norfolk coast.
Simona De Leo Original watercolor illustrations and prints, greeting cards and handmade notebooks.
Sketch Appeal Illustration 
SLM Illustration Illustration
Sònia Albert Illustration
Sophie Potter Illustration Illustrated paper goods inspired by plants, food and Japan.
Tadhg Caffrey

Hand-made screenprints of city scenes and city life.

Takako Copeland Illustration
Thundercliffe Press Original prints and cards.
Tom Clohosy Cole Illustration
Vincent Navetat T-shirts, tote bags, prints, ink and watercolour originals, cards and stickers.
Viola Wang Studio Limited-edition hand pulled screenprints and lithographs.
Yeah Collective Giclèe prints and various gadgets.
YiMiao Shih Illustration
Zoe Delautre Illustration