Illustrator in Residence 2015: David Lemm

House of Illustration's second Illustrator in Residence.

Over six months, illustrator and animator David Lemm made regular visits to House of Illustration from his base in Edinburgh. He charted the changing landscape of King's Cross, exploring how we perceive, navigate and quantify space in order to make sense of the world.

This research culminated in David Lemm: Mapping King's Cross, an exhibition of collage works that reflected David’s reconnection with handmade processes. The gallery became the centre point of his personal 'map' of the area, with each wall depicting observations and experiences encountered during the residency, categorised into a library of shapes, symbols, times and spaces from which narratives could be read or created.

David says of his residency:

I think the biggest benefit has been the opportunity to thoroughly consider and develop my practice. The residency allowed me to de-construct and question everything I do and think about where I want my work to go in future.

I really felt the benefit of having dedicated time to give to research, idea development and the freedom to explore different approaches to making work. The residency is a fantastic opportunity to think more about what illustration is/can be, and a rewarding experience which will stick with and influence me for a long time.

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