The Book Illustration Competition 2015 Longlist

The 26 outstanding entries selected for the 2015 longlist

We are delighted to announce the 26 longlisted entries for this year’s Book Illustration Competition. We had around 400 entries from 24 countries and were impressed by the very high standard of work.

A gallery of the exceptional entries chosen for the longlist can be viewed below. The winner and five runners up will be announced at an awards night on 19 February at House of Illustration.

This year's book is The Folio Book of Ghost Stories. To find out more about it, and for further information on The Book Illustration Competition, click here. To find out about and sign up for future House of Illustration competitions please subscribe to our newsletter.


The Longlist


Evelin Arweck

Evelin Arweck, twenty-six, graduated with honours in Costume and Set Design from Kunstuniversität Graz, Austria, in 2013. She currently works as a freelance costume and set designer, her most recent work being the costumes for an opera production at the Croatian National Theatre in Zagreb. Besides her work in the theatre, she continues to follow her passion for both literature and the graphic arts through the exploration of visual narration in illustrative imagery, with the aim of entering the professional world of illustration.


Aiden Barefoot

Born and raised in the South of England and currently based in London, Aiden Barefoot is a product of a multi-cultural heritage which informs a lot of his chosen subject matter. He focuses on line and structure, influenced by graphic novels, film posters and technical manuals for various products, and has a keen interest in graphic design. Aiden uses pens, brushes, found textures and whatever is in reach to visually convey his point.


Sishir Bommakanti

Sishir Bommakanti is a visual storyteller. He graduated from Ringling College of Art and Design in 2012, and studied under a variety of illustrators at the Illustration Academy. Providing visual narratives to a wide audience, Sishir strives to accurately portray current events without prejudice and create a dialogue amongst viewers. He believes that to be an illustrator is to be a communicator,
a writer, a journalist, an adventurer and sometimes a provocateur. Sishir’s work is an exploration in media, inspired by sci-fi, vintage photographs and the study of philosophy. The process of creation is as important as the ideation behind it.


Lewis Bryant

Lewis Bryant is currently a third-year student at the University of Lincoln studying Illustration. An avid drawer and weightlifter, he finds inspiration from music and artists such as Gustave Doré. His illustrations are usually created using pen and ink with limited colour, using line work to create atmosphere and tell a story. As a highly motivated and hardworking individual, he seeks to express this determination through his line work and illustrations.


Emma Buckley

Emma Buckley is currently a second-year Illustration student at the University of the West of England. She likes to experiment with a variety of traditional media to create her work, and enjoys exploring macabre subject matter. Her art reveals a passion for gothic literature which begun when she read Wuthering Heights at school. Her favourite author is Angela Carter, who inspired her to pursue magic realist themes in her art, particularly the concept of reconstructed memories which was the primary focus of her latest project – ‘Memento’.


Louis Burrows

Louis Burrows is an artist and illustrator hailing from Worcestershire, currently studying at the University for the Creative Arts in Farnham, Surrey. He is intrigued by materials and textures and uses a range of processes from oil paint to printing. Louis is particularly interested in the techniques, theories and practitioners of the surrealist movement. Allied with his imagination and a box of paints, he likes to pursue a variety of unusual concepts. He has exhibited in numerous Worcestershire libraries and has also worked with Artworld Gallery in Blackminster.


Nicolò Carozzi

Nicolò Carozzi was born in 1981 in Verona, Italy, where he lives and works as an architect and illustrator. After graduating with a degree in Architecture in 2007 from Politecnico di Milano he started his career as a freelance architect, as well as devoting his time to illustration and graphic design. Illustration courses and workshops, as well as his work experience have taught him a highly disciplined work method. He has developed his own way of combining traditional techniques with modern digital techniques. Nicolò is currently engaged in the preparation of his own illustrated book projects.


Jamie Clarke

Designer and illustrator Jamie Clarke discovered that his love of drawing letters allowed him to combine his creative skills to produce expressive type that tells stories. After ten years as Creative Director of his own digital agency, Jamie decided to retrain. He studied Type Design at Reading University and Letterpress at the St. Bride Foundation. Currently living in Sydney, Jamie also runs the popular TypeWorship blog and writes about typography for several publications. He is seeking new illustration commissions.


Imogen Clifton

Imogen Clifton is in the final year of a BA (Hons) in Illustration at the University of the West of England. She has always excelled at art; she was awarded the Art Scholarship at school and then, in her Art Foundation year, the prize for the most outstanding student. She is inspired by atmospheric landscapes and is currently working on two children’s books that she has written herself. In her work, she aims to transcend the boundary between children’s and adults’ illustration. After graduating, Imogen plans to move to San Francisco, where she hopes to immerse herself in the illustration scene and get her books published.


Charlie Dixon

Charlie Dixon has been drawing since before he can remember. Through detailed, hand-drawn illustrations he always aims to convey atmosphere and tone with underlying narratives. His strong interests in the organic and the otherworldly, and his penchant for the dark or bizarre often comes through in his work. In his developing style, a love of rendering and realism is fused with a more experimental and abstract side to create striking imagery that could be viewed within a book, magazine or gallery. Music is Charlie’s other my other main passion, and he loves to drum as well as draw.


Hannah Dyson

Hannah Dyson studied Illustration at Brighton University and the Royal College of Art, graduating in 1995. Since then she has worked as a freelance illustrator, for clients including the Guardian, the Independent, the Idler and Financial Times. Hannah moved from London to Gloucestershire four years ago, where she lives with her husband and three sons. She has always loved to be outside and has been inspired by her new environment of rolling hills and changing skies.


Owen Gent

Owen Gent is an illustrator and designer currently based in Bristol. Graduating with a first class degree from Falmouth University in 2013, Owen was also given the 'Outstanding Achievement in Illustration' award for that year. Since then Owen has continued to work as a freelance artist and is currently based in the heart of Bristol. Owen’s work focuses on narrative and often explores the unsettling, the supernatural and the enigmatic, always with a sense of beauty and subtlety sitting at the heart of it.


Max Häring

Painter and illustrator Max P. Häring was born in 1951 in Giengen and der Brenz, Germany, and studied at the Akademie der bildenden Künste München in Munich. He has worked as an independent artist since 1983, winning numerous awards. He works in mixed media using pen, ink and acrylics then adding shading digitally.


Frances Ives

Frances Ives is a freelance illustrator originally from Lincolnshire and now based in London. She gained a BA (Hons) in Illustration and Animation from Kingston University in 2010, and in 2014 graduated from Camberwell College of Art with an MA in Visual Arts: Illustration. Frances works in water-based mediums and collage, composing the elements digitally to make her illustrations.


Sooyeon Kim

Sooyeon Kim is a Korean illustrator currently studying for an MA in Illustration at Arts University Bournemouth. Inspired by books, animation, her surroundings and childhood nostalgia, she likes to create interesting, dreamy worlds, with mysterious creatures which invite the viewer in. Sooyeon is interested in working for magazines, product illustration and book illustration. She hopes to travel around the world, and see and experience new things to build ideas for her illustrations.


Alex Kirzhner

With strong roots in folklore, mysticism, and myth, Alex R. Kirzhner crafts his images with a desire for extravagant detail. His artwork, which ranges from portraits to grotesques, is informed as much by art history as it is by popular culture. Alex is also a designer and photographer, and has received multiple acknowledgements; most notably two consecutive Grammy nominations as an Art Director/ Designer, an Art Directors Club-Young Guns award, and an award for outstanding package design from N.A.R.M. Alex is a graduate of the School Of Visual Arts, and currently lives and works in New York City.


Julia Konieczna

Born in 1991 in Warsaw, Poland, Julia Konieczna is an illustrator working in traditional hand-drawn techniques and printmaking. She completed a BA in Illustration and Animation at the Cambridge School of Art in 2013, and has exhibited work at the New Designers Show in London and Bite: Artists Making Prints at Mall Galleries. Her published work includes the cover illustration for The Golden Age of Folk and Fairy Tales by Prof. Jack Zipes. A series of sixty pen-and-ink drawings for the novel I Heard the Bulbul Sing is set to be published in 2015. Julia has recently been living in Cambridge and Warsaw.


Cathy Kwan

Cathy Kwan earned a BA in English Language & Communication at King's College London, and after graduating decided to return to art. She now works as a London-based freelance illustrator. Cathy creates detailed and bold digital illustrations, employing her love of colour and drawing people and draws inspiration from Japanese art and culture.


Carrie May

Carrie May is an illustrator who studied at the University of Brighton and the Royal College of Art. Her illustrations are brought to life with colour and texture and she adds beautiful embellishments to create charm, depth and character to all manner of subjects. She produces illustrations for book jackets, editorial features and advertising, contemporary stationery and greetings cards.


Sojung McCarthy

Sojung Kim McCarthy is an illustrator and designer originally from South Korea. After majoring in Visual Communication Design, she worked as a design practitioner and educator before moving to the UK in 2010. She graduated with a distinction in her Masters degree from Arts University Bournemouth in 2012 with her research in human skin and body image in art. The Blue Boy, a picture book she wrote and illustrated during her MA, was selected as a ‘highly commended’ piece of work in 2013 by the Macmillan Prize for Children’s Books. Now based in Bournemouth, Sojung works as a freelance artist.


David McConochie

David McConochie is originally from Durham; since coming to London in 2005 to complete an MA in Illustration at Central Saint Martins, he has been working freelance from his studio in East London. His work has been applied across various printed media, from book covers to a limited edition postage stamp for the Royal Mail.


Rhiannon Parnis

Rhiannon Parnis is a twenty-one-year old illustration student from Cardiff, currently in her second year of a BA (Hons) Illustration degree at Cardiff School of Art and Design. She likes to work in a wide range of media, including inks, gouache and coloured pencil, often layered together. She aims to create a sense of atmosphere in her illustrations.


Mitt Roshin

Mitt Roshin is an illustrator. Rather than being born ‘with a silver spoon in his mouth’, he was born with a pencil in his hand. He qualified as an architect, and then became completely engrossed in advertising. A few years working as a designer, and ten years as Creative Director in a design studio, gave him the initiative and willingness to create unusual and exciting projects. He is now applying his skills to illustration.


Alexandru Savescu

Romanian-born Alexandru Savescu has been passionate about illustration from an early age. He attended the Primary School of Arts and the Fine Arts College of Timisoara, Romania, and in 2011 was awarded second place for graphics at the Romanian National Art Competition. From 2013 to 2014, Alexandru studied etching and illustration at the Fine Arts Academy of Bologna, Italy. He is currently a final-year Illustration and Graphics student at Coventry School of Art & Design. Alexandru specialises in editorial illustration, his usual mediums being digital drawing, etching, ink on paper, pencil and sometimes watercolour.


Wenjia Tang

Wenjia Tang is an undergraduate student currently studying at Maryland Institute College of Art with a major in Illustration. She originally comes from southeast China. She loves to work digitally, and always tries to use textures to incorporate a more organic and natural look into her illustrations. As a student, Wenjia’s work has been recognized by 3x3, The Magazine Of Contemporary Illustration and Hiii Brand Illustration.


Filippo Vanzo

Born and raised in Italy, Filippo ‘Onez’ Vanzo now lives in Stockholm, Sweden. Preferring to keep his work varied, Filippo illustrates books, games, posters, videos and illustrated book trailers. He is also a nature illustrator and paleoartist. Using a blend of both traditional and digital media, Filippo often draws in pencil and then colour digitally while trying to maintain a traditional feel. He is fascinated by the strongly narrative, densely detailed and yet delicate works by old masters such as Rackham, Rockwell, Doré, Bauer, Larsson, Clarke and Rossetti.