Illustrating the Curriculum for KS2

Using illustration for learning across the Key Stage 2 curriculum.

These seven activities provide teachers with simple, effective and fun ways to teach curriculum subjects including English, PSHE, Humanities, Science and Art & Design.

They’re tried and tested resources, developed by our professional illustrator-educators working in three Islington primary schools.

Each one includes step-by-step instructions, examples and skills-building resources to support them.


Activity 1 – Building Skills: Drawing with Pencil

Activity 2 – Applying Skills: Pencil Character Passports

Activity 3 – Building Skills: Drawing with Ink

Activity 4 – Applying Skills: 3D Anglo-Saxon Homes (includes printable templates)

Activity 5 – Building Skills: Watercolour Painting

Activity 6 – Applying Skills: Botanical Illustration (includes reference pictures)

Activity 7 – Applying Skills: Multilingual Animal Sounds Poster

Download below now!

These resources were developed by Sion Ap Tomos, Merlin Evans and Toya Walker, designed by Toya Walker and funded by Children and the Arts.