Adult Masterclass: Building a City with Laura Carlin

Come and build an imaginary city with Laura Carlin.

When, Where

How can you turn the experiences of a city into a 3D illustration? This session, with renowned illustrator and ceramicist Laura Carlin, uses our memories of places specific to us as a starting point for making an imaginary city.

You will look at the importance of conjuring up feeling and atmosphere, exploring other people’s memories (as well as your own) to create sophisticated original imagery that communicates to its audience.

Delving into a  trove of materials, from card to pebbles, participants will also get their models photographed and singled out against a white backdrop, highlighting the beauty of the fragile, handmade 3D model.

The masterclass is inspired by our current show, Laura Carlin – Ceramics, and entry to the galleries is included in the price of the masterclass, though if you’d like to look round the show, please do so before the session starts.