Adult Masterclass: Papercut Illustration for Book Cover Design

Design in 3-D to make original, elegant book covers

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In this class you'll be guided through the process of designing a three-dimensional papercut illustration for a book cover from start to finish. You'll create your own design, gaining confidence with this unique illustration technique. 

Explore papercraft and methods for layering paper to create dynamic illustrations in this practical, hands-on workshop. Papercraft can be used to achieve a dramatic aesthetic, and in this session you'll to learn how to create, through a process of layering, the sense of spatial depth that brings an image to life. 

The masterclass includes entry to Anime Architecture: Backgrounds of Japan, an exhibition that brings together artworks created as backgrounds for anime films, made through a process of layering images to generate effects of depth. 

This masterclass will be led by illustrator Courtney Dyer, who was shortlisted for our 2015 Book Illustration Competition, run in partnership with The Folio Society. More information

Materials supplied by Cass Art.