Family Workshop: Like a Bird

Turn your family into birds, with inspiration from Quentin Blake.

When, Where

Get inspired by our The Life of Birds exhibition and transform your family into feathered creations through paper costume-making.

Our new Quentin Blake exhibition merges the worlds of birds and people and at this workshop we’ll be doing the same, making drawn beaks and paper feather accessories to create our own bird outfits.

With the guidance of workshop leader Paper Curious, who specialises in making hand-drawn paper toys for children, you’ll make original, illustrated costumes in an interactive crafts session. The workshop includes exhibition entry.

I have always liked drawing birds. I can't quite explain why but it may be because like us, they are on two legs and have expressive gestures. It's a way of commenting on the people we see around us without actually drawing individuals.” – Quentin Blake



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