Graphic Recording with Merlin Strangeway

A new course on Thursday evenings introducing artists and illustrators to graphic recording.

When, Where

New 4 week course for autumn 2017. Building on Merlin’s popular masterclass earlier in the year, this course is the perfect introduction for artists and illustrators to the art of graphic recording.  It coveres several of the many aspects of this growing artform, including: visual storytelling, live scribing, data visualisation and reportage.  Suitable for all those interested in visualising and recording the world around them in new and innovative ways, gibing you skills and insights into using illustration as a tool to connect, engage and inform audiences.

All materials provided.

About the tutor

Merlin Strangeway is an award-winning freelance illustrator & scribe. She has created illustrations, animations and scribes for numerous museums, hospitals and cultural institutions.Merlin has worked as a freelance illustrator and arts educator at The House of Illustration since 2011.

Merlin is currently completing her postgraduate training as a Medical Artist through the Medical Art Education Trust, in conjunction with the Royal College of Surgeons. She currently holds the post of Illustrator in Residence at The Harley Street Hospital; exploring how graphic recording can be used to support better patient information and empowerment through complex treatment paths. See more here.