In Conversation with Christy Burdock

Our Illustrator in Residence 2017 on getting under the skin of House of Illustration.

When, Where

Our Illustrator in Residence take us behind the scenes of her exhibition, Christy Burdock: The People in the Gallery, the result of a six-month residency at House of Illustration.

Christy’s work deals with micro-societies: the social structure of groups that might not normally find themselves in the limelight. In the past she’s immersed herself in an Amish group travelling between Southampton and New York on the QM2 and a private members club in St James’ Square.

In conversation with our curator Olivia Ahmad, Christy will talk us through a working process which involves close observation of a group followed by visual interpretation of the people and the patterns she sees. Sharing research including drawing and text pieces, she will discuss the ethical considerations involved in this process and will explain how she incorporates motifs and archetypes from art history to emphasise her observations. Artists who have been an inspiration during this project including painters from Giotto di Bondone to Stanley Spencer to Paula Rego.

The talk will take place in the gallery where the enormous compositions that are the results of this process are on display. Together, Olivia and Christy will decode some of the hidden meanings in the work.

Important to know:
- Latecomers will not be admitted past 7.15pm


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