In Conversation with Gerald Scarfe

The political cartoonist takes us behind the scenes of our current exhibition

When, Where

“I always want to bring my creations to life – to bring them off the page and give them flesh and blood, movement and drama.” – Gerald Scarfe

Join the artist in conversation with Colin McKenzie, Director of House of Illustration, as he shares the stories behind the works and gives a personal insight into Gerald Scarfe: Stage and Screen, an exhibition which brings together the artist's striking production designs for theatre, rock, opera, ballet and film, many of which are being publicly exhibited for the very first time.

Find out more about the extensive but little-known production design by the UK’s most celebrated political cartoonist.

Scarfe's 50-year-long career at The Sunday Times revealed an imagination that is acerbic, explosive and unmistakable. But less well known is his lifelong contribution to the performing arts and his hugely significant work beyond the page, designing some of the most high-profile productions of the last 30 years.