John Yeoman and Quentin Blake: 50 Years of Children's Books

A celebration of Quentin Blake's lifelong collaboration with author John Yeoman.

When, Where

Perhaps surprisingly, Quentin Blake's most frequent collaborator is not Roald Dahl but John Yeoman. It was Yeoman who first persuaded Blake to illustrate children's literature in 1960 and it is with Yeoman that Blake has made more books than any other author.

50 Years of Children's Books celebrates half a century of creative collaboration and a landmark relationship in the history of books for children.

The exhibition includes Blake's very first illustrations for children’s literature from 1960, works from their latest collaboration - and illustrations from the ten projects they've worked on together in the intervening years.

It coincides with the re-issue of their first book, A Drink of Water, by Thames & Hudson and the launch of their latest work, All the Year Round, by Andersen Press.