Linda Kitson & George Butler on Reportage Illustration

We welcome Linda Kitson and George Butler to describe their renowned work, discuss what reportage illustration means to them, and identify what inspires their practice.

When, Where

John L. Walters hosts a talk with reportage illustrators Linda Kitson and George Butler. 

Reportage illustration has unique qualities. It can be about capturing the passing of time, the experience of standing in a place where not many other people have been, and highlighting the impact of incident. Such personal interpretations are often a powerful document of what is happening in the diverse, beautiful and turbulent world around us.

A ticket covers entry to the talk and Linda Kitson's exhibition.

Linda Kitson’s line drawings have recorded seminal moments in British history. She was the first woman war artist to accompany troops into combat, commissioned by the Imperial War Museum to draw on the front line of the Falklands War. Her current exhition at House of Illustration - Linda Kitson: Drawings and Projects - charts a lifetime of putting pen to paper, including her drawings behind the scenes at the BBC’s 50th anniversary in 1972 and on Fleet Street for The Times in 1982, before the Wapping Dispute and move to digital printing.

The exhibition, curated by Linda's lifelong friend Quentin Blake, also shows her most recent iPad drawings which document the drama of city architecture.

George Butler is an award-winning illustrator specialising in current affairs. His drawings, done in situ in pen and ink, have captured subjects including battle scenes in Syria, girls schools in Afghanistan, neo-Nazi murder trials in Munich, the Bedouin in the West Bank and refugees in Bekaa Valley. In a day and age where photography is abundant and manipulated, these paintings engage news audiences for longer and provoke a reaction to subjects that would otherwise be lost. In addition to his illustration George started a charity with three friends called The Hands Up Foundation, which has raised over £4million for vulnerable Syrians.

George's drawings are held in the collections of the V&A Museum and Imperial War Museum North, and he's been lucky enough to win an the Illustration Award from the V&A and International Media Award from the NCF. His work has been published by The Times, New York Times, Guardian, BBC, CNN, Der Spiegel, ARD television Germany and NPR (USA).


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