Creative Prompt Cards with Nick White

Come up with new ideas and use them for a creative project.

If the sight of a blank page fills you with dread, our new Creative Prompt Cards are like a magic wand, filling you with confidence and ideas.

These Creative Prompt Cards will help you come up with fresh new ideas, then use them to start a creative project, like a story, game or comic.

The downloadable presentation below is for families, but we also have Instructions for Teachers.

Part 1: Make the Cards

Print out the templates below, cut them out and use the printed marks as starting points to create illustrations on the cards.

You could invent characters for the speech bubbles, do a drawing that relates to the prompt, collage with paper, add stickers or make marks with a paintbrush.

Don’t forget to have a go at writing your own prompt, for examples, ‘What inspires you?'

Part 2: Use the Cards to Make a Project

Once your cards are complete you can use them to start a project. First shuffle the cards and pick one out at random.

Next use a piece of paper to write and draw as many ideas as you can in response to the prompt or question on the card.

Once you have some ideas down you can choose a project to do – such as writing a short story, designing a poster or making a comic.

For example, if you picked out the card ‘What could I teach a friend?’, you could list some things you could teach your friend, then make a comic about it.

Creative project ideas

  • Write a short story or an article
  • Design a poster or 3D sculpture
  • Make a comic, mini book or zine
  • Think of a campaign
  • Create a moodboard
  • Invent something

Our Creative Prompt Cards are also available with Instructions for Teachers.

These resources were designed and created with illustrator Nick White, in collaboration with ELCAF (East London Comics & Arts Festival)

Designed for ages 5+.

Download below now!