The House of Illustration Contour Drawing Challenge

Complete our Corita-inspired contour drawing challenge and get 2FOR1 entry to the exhibition.


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*Update: Thank you to everyone who took part in the challenge! To see just a few of our favourites from each day, pop over to our Instagram Stories Highlights.*

“We can all talk, we can all write, and if the blocks are removed, we can all draw.” Corita Kent

This week we’re challenging you to do a contour drawing a day. Every morning from Monday 18 - Saturday 23 March, we’ll announce a subject – all you have to do is draw it without looking down!

As well as a printmaker, activist and nun, Corita Kent was a radical art teacher who believed everyone had the capacity to be creative – and we do, too. So put pen to paper for six days and we’ll give you 2FOR1 entry to Corita Kent: Power Up until 12 May.

How to take part:

  1. Look at your subject, put pen to paper and slowly draw while keeping your eyes on your subject. Don’t look down!
  2. Take a high resolution picture or scan of your work.
  3. Share it on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook everyday with the hashtags #CoritaKent and #ContourDrawingaDay and tag us @IllustrationHQ. We’ll repost a selection of our favourites.
  4. On day 7, send all 6 of your contour drawings formatted as a single JPG to
  5. Keep an eye on your inbox – we’ll give everyone who completes the challenge 2FOR1 entry to House of Illustration, which you can use until Corita Kent: Power Up closes on 12 May.


“A contour drawing is like climbing a mountain rather than flying over it in an airplane.” Kimon Nicolaides

Corita and co-author Jan Steward describe the benefits of contour drawing in Learning by Heart: Teachings to Free the Creative Spirit:

Contour drawing is a way of looking as much as it is a way of drawing… it makes it very difficult to be judgmental about your work. Contour drawing helps you see things and let your intuition make choices. This kind of drawing must be done very slowly… Contour drawings often have a vitality lacking in works that are too carefully considered or fussed over.

We can’t wait to see what you come up with! Here’s a final piece of Corita wisdom to get those creative juices flowing:

“To dream about painting and not also to work at it doesn’t ever bring about a painting.”