Marie Neurath: Picturing Science Online Exhibition

Ground-breaking graphic design that transformed children’s learning, from the 1940s to today.

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"Without the Neuraths, graphic design as we know it might not have existed.The Guardian

Designer, educator and 'transformer' Marie Neurath was the brains behind dozens of illustrated books for children on scientific topics ranging from nuclear physics to reproduction.

Leading a collaborative team of researchers, artists and writers from the 1940s to the 1970s, she transformed complex science into striking infographics and diagrams to be easily understood by those of all ages.

This virtual version of Marie Neurath: Picturing Science demonstrates this process of transformation from early ideas for picture books, research documents and initial sketches to final page spreads and bold book covers.

Visit Marie Neurath: Picturing Science online now.

"An insight into the beginnings of information design [that] no doubt influence designers today.Design Week

"A watershed in information design for children.David Benmayer

"There’s more to Isotype than Arntz and Otto... Thanks to House of Illustration, Marie Neurath's life and work are getting some much-deserved attention: a scientist, writer, and designer who made her mark in a male-dominated world.AIGA Eye on Design

Marie Neurath: Picturing Science was produced in partnership with the University of Reading and Design Science, supported by the Arts & Humanities Research Council as part of 'Transforming science for young people: Marie Neurath and Isotype books for children'. It was also part of London Design Festival 2019 and Insiders/Outsiders.