Paula Rego/Honoré Daumier: Scandal, Gossip and Other Stories

Our winter show explores two of illustration's greatest storytellers.

When, Where

Critics' Choice: Financial Times and Daily Telegraph

Although more than a century separates these two artists, the works of Rego and Daumier reveal a wide range of common concerns and approaches which will be explored in this exhibition. Both are consummate storytellers who use printmaking (in the form of lithographs and etchings) to bring their visions, stories and politics to a wider audience.

Paula Rego, who trained at the Slade School of Art, has won a wide and admiring audience for her psychologically charged presentations of human dramas. Women are often placed at the centre of her work and characters also frequently take the form of animals for satirical effect.

Works by Honoré Daumier have been selected from the more than 4,000 lithographs made during his lifetime, principally for the publications Le Charivari and La Caricature. As a caricaturist Daumier was a wry observer of human comedy who exaggerated the aspirations, affectations and failings of society, producing work that was considered seditious enough to earn him a six month prison sentence.

Organised in association with the Fundação D. Luís I, Casa das Histórias (Cascais) and Marlborough Fine Art (London), this is the first exhibition to present Rego and Daumier's work in dialogue.

Honoré Daumier lithographs shown courtesy of Juan Espino Navia.