Seven Kinds of Magic

We launch our Quentin Blake Gallery with an exploration of Blake's approach to magic and surrealism.

When, Where

Seven Kinds of Magic is the inaugural exhibition of House of Illustration’s permanent Quentin Blake Gallery.

This exhibition, curated by Blake himself, explores his varied depictions of magic both in his own books and in those of other writers such as Russell Hoban, John Yeoman and Roald Dahl. It will show original illustrations from seven very different books - Angel Pavement, The Witches, Patrick, Angelica Sprocket’s Pockets, Rosie’s Magic Horse, Magical Tales and My Friend Mr Leakey.

The Quentin Blake Gallery is a new addition to the House of Illustration. It will be the only place in the world to see a permanent exhibition of original artwork by Blake, one of the world's foremost illustrators and the founder of House of Illustration.

The gallery will offer a continuous series of exhibitions of different aspects of Quentin Blake's work, drawing on the unparalleled diversity of his personal archive of thousands of his original illustrations, roughs and preparatory drawings. 

Seven Kinds of Magic is sponsored by Knight Frank